Sunday, July 23, 2006

A blond Hello Kitty

I found a funny Hello Kitty at the shop. It’s hair is blond ! Can you believe it? They are wearing special uniforms like cheerleaders. Are they cats or girls? Who knows.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

A Japanese aromatherapy oil

I bought an aromatherapy oil which is made in Japan. This aromatherapy oil is Hokkaido MOMINOKI pure essential oil made by Shimokawa Forest Owners Coop in Hokkaido.

I really loved it.the oil is high quality. It distilled from Abies sachalinensi Masters which is famous as Mominoki or Todomatsu in Japan.The aroma of this oil is like Tea Tree.

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a seminar of home rehabilitation

I joined a seminar about home rehabilitation.

To my surprise, a lot of occupational therapists and physical therapists has same problems.
The problems of our our home rehabilitation therapist are as follows;

  • When should we end rehabilitation therapy services for stroke patients living at home?
  • Some of patients would not accept our suggestion about social welfare equipment.
  • Some of patients ask us to massage her/him instead of rehabilitation.

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