Friday, February 23, 2007

Le Creuset

I bought Le creuset stoneware. When I found it at the Internet shop, I suddenly pushed the button to buy it because it was so cute. After receiving it, I read the details of it and found out it could be used in refrigerator, oven, and microwave. It can go from microwave straight to the table. It is not only cute but also easy-to-use. I made steamed sweet potatoes(Kumara Satsumaimo) .

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Blogger PiPi said...

Hi! This is PiPi!
That's good idea to write English blog!

I'm interested in Le Creuset,too.
I have some instelments to cook sweets.
Last Sunday,I made strawbery jum. My boyfriend said,"Yummy!"
Home made is better than in shop!


11:46 PM  
Blogger fu-ko said...

Dear Pipi,
Thank you for visiting my blog.I am very happy to receive your comment. You made strawbery jum! I have never made it before. I would like to try to make it.



12:44 AM  

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