Friday, July 21, 2006

a seminar of home rehabilitation

I joined a seminar about home rehabilitation.

To my surprise, a lot of occupational therapists and physical therapists has same problems.
The problems of our our home rehabilitation therapist are as follows;

  • When should we end rehabilitation therapy services for stroke patients living at home?
  • Some of patients would not accept our suggestion about social welfare equipment.
  • Some of patients ask us to massage her/him instead of rehabilitation.

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Blogger aniki said...

I didn't know that you started new ENGLISH weblog! This is great, and this weblog will help you to improve your ENGLISH skill. I will visit this site sometime. Anyway, just enjoy writing ENGLISH dialy!

P.S. I found a mistake in your introduction. "visiting"→"visihing" Sorry!

3:51 PM  
Blogger kelly25 said...

hello fu-ko's,
my name is kelly, i am an occupational therapist assistant, working in Florida, USA. I have found a few differences between OT and PT..the levels of assistance(min,mod,max) appear to be different too~!
Anway, keep up the good work!

7:03 AM  
Blogger kelly25 said...

I have seen many stroke patients that don't want to return home after their stroke. also, I have been asked to massage the patient too. everyone likes massage but that's not what we are paid to do.

7:05 AM  

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