Sunday, January 21, 2007

Soysause-rice with vegetables

I am very tired and exhausted everyday. Why do I get a tired feeling everyday? As I am married, I have to work as a housewife in addition to my work as a therapist.It means I have no time to take a rest in my home!! When I come back to my home around 7:30pm,I have to make dinner in a hurry. I also have to go grocery shopping.Oh, busy days aren't they!

My client told me 'you look so exhausted nowadays, what's the matter?' I answered, I have to do a lot of things when I come back my home, like making dinner, cleaning rooms and washing clothing and so on. My client said' I really understand how you get exhauseted.when I was young, I was working at an office and I also played the role of housewife. I will tell you a very easy to make but hearty dinner called Syoyu-meshi(Soy sauce and rice with vegetables.) You will make a dinner within 30mim.' This Syoyu-mesi is very delicious. I love it. Fly sliced vegetables with soy sauce and salt. Put them in a rice cooker(lay them on the rice) and push the start button of the rice cooker. This is very simle way to make a dinner. I sometimes make it. My family also likes it.I appreciate my client's recipe.


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